Top driving frustrations revealed

Do you ever get frustrated as people dawdling at traffic lights? While this may not help to ease your frustrations, you are not alone.

It turns out one in five people chose being stuck behind somebody when the lights turn green as the biggest frustration when out on the road.

The survey by HiQ found being stuck behind a dawdler wasn’t the only thing to infuriate motorists in the UK. The second most unpopular driver behaviour was the classic summer holiday bugbear, hogging the middle lane of the motorway.

The middle lane hogger vote took 18 per cent of the total, closely followed by something a little less dangerous and a little more annoying – the ‘twee’ car sticker.

The example given by HiQ was the ‘sprinkled by fairy dust’, and 15 per cent of people took offence to that and similar stickers.

Other more dangerous activities also made the list, including ‘bullying’ road tactics, not using indicators and using a mobile phone when driving.

The full list can be seen below:

1. Dawdling at traffic lights – 20 per cent

2. Motorway middle lane hoggers – 18 per cent

3. ‘Twee’ car stickers including ‘sprinkled by fairy dust’ 15%

4. Using mobile phone while driving – 14 per cent

5. Refusing / forgetting to use indicators – 11 per cent

6. Bus drivers’ ‘bullying’ road tactics – 8 per cent

7. Failure to acknowledge other road users – 6 per cent

8. Caravans on road – 4 per cent

9. Failing to stop at pedestrian crossings – 3 per cent

10. Smoking behind the wheel – 1 per cent

Is dawdling at traffic lights that much of a problem? It is almost certainly down to drivers loosing concentration when stopped in traffic, but it also costs the driver something too – fuel.

With fuel prices rising, every second stopped at traffic lights wastes unnecessary fuel. So, if you’re one of the drivers who has an eye on economy there may be a solution.

Buy a car with Start-Stop technology. It can be called a huge variety of different things, most often using ‘start’ and ‘stop’ in some form, and it could help to save money in heavy traffic.

The system is simple; the technology automatically switches off the engine when the car is idling to save fuel. While this may seem like it will only exasperate the problem of drivers when the engine needs to be turned on again, car makers have thought of a way around it.

For example, the new Peugeot 508 saloon features a new e-booster system for its diesel model with start-stop technology.

This allows the engine to be restarted almost instantly, not only helping save fuel, but banishing any dawdling at traffic lights.

Now if the car makers could just design a system to keep drivers’ eyes on the lights, the issue would be eradicated entirely.