Focus on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta

Our ‘Focus on’ section tends to feature new cars or cars that have made a splash in the media during the previous week.

But this isn’t the case with this week’s car, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta. Well, not directly anyway. Today, we’re focusing on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta because of the success of Alfa in this month’s sales figures.

We reported on this during the week, and the real driving force behind the brand’s success in the UK this week has to be attributed to the Alfa Romeo Giulietta hatchback, which was launched last year with the help of an advertising campaign led by Hollywood leading lady Uma Thurman.

But despite the slick adverts, there is more to the Giulietta than just style. Too often the brand is mentioned as a creator of stunning cars but little else.

The Giulietta was built to change that, and its placing as a more premium model in the hatchback market puts it up against the Ford Focus, the undisputed king of the family hatchback segment.

Alfa Romeo may not have the sales success of Ford, but a passionate band of Alfistas highlight just how well thought of the famous badge is across the world.

With sales increasing nearly two-fold in May compared to the same month last year, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta must have done something right.

But does it offer a realistic alternative to the Ford Focus? We think so.

Why should I buy an Alfa Romeo Giulietta?

We won’t roll out the old ‘everybody should own an Alfa at some point’ routine so popular with fans of the brand, but we will say the Alfa Romeo Giulietta encompasses everything right about Alfa styling in a more practical and versatile package.

In other words, it looks fantastic, but this hasn’t impacted on a generous amount of head and leg room as well as 350 litres boot space. This can be extended to 750 litres with the rear seats folded.

A nod to Alfa’s insistence on creating a practical hatchback comes in the form of a single, five-door body style for the Giulietta.

Meanwhile, its family car credentials are highlighted in the fact it was designed specifically to achieve a top five-star safety rating in the standard EuroNCAP tests.

Outside, the car looks the part and inside the interior is a noticeable step up from the standard hatchback you’ll see on the roads today.

High quality upholstery and strong, well-built materials throughout give the car a solid, reliable feeling – doing away with age-old perceptions of Alfa cars.

Standard equipment is also strong and all the essentials such as air con are included in entry-level models. Higher spec Cloverleaf versions not only bring back memories of Alfa’s racing history, but adds a touch of performance, stiffer suspension and specially tuned brakes alongside 18" alloy wheels and unique badging.

What are Alfa Romeo Giulietta prices?

Prices start at £16,995 for entry-level versions using the 1.4-litre MultiAir petrol engines. A more powerful 1.6-litre diesel is also available starting from £17,895 while the most powerful unit, the 168bhp 2.0-litre diesel starts from £21,195 and can be found on the Cloverleaf versions.

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