Ford reveals free accident management

The ambitious scheme will go live next month and allows drivers who are involved in an accident to call a special hotline to book repairs at a Ford Accident Repair Centre.

The scheme does not stretch to providing roadside assistance, which will remain the driver’s prerogative, but it will allow Ford drivers access to Ford-trained technicians and official spare parts if needed.

For some customers, depending on eligibility, the scheme will also provide a courtesy car while repairs are being made.

Paul McDermott, manager, Collision Repair, Ford of Britain, said: "We are pleased to be developing a fresh approach to accident management which will benefit our customers, our repair network and the insurance industry.”

The free hotline, run by Innovation Group, will increase communication between repairers and insurers if the worst should happen, according to the Blue Oval.

It also means customers do not have to sign credit hire agreements, a common issue with accident management schemes.

The offer will apply to all Ford cars, ranging from the small Ford Ka city car, through the all-new Ford Focus and onto the larger models in the Ford range.

Plenty of customers are expected to take Ford up on the offer. Ford is currently the most popular car maker in the UK and the best-selling Ford Fiesta is the most popular car.

The Ford Focus is a regular in the top three best-sellers and models such as the Ford C-Max have seen increasing popularity in recent months.

The scheme is designed to bring customers to official Ford repair centres where official parts and fully trained Ford technicians can work on the car.