Jaguar to reveal C-X75 at London exhibition

The British-based brand has designed an art installation to showcase the process behind the stunning supercar from the first sketch, through its appearance at the Paris Motor Show last year.

These include up to 500 initial sketches for the first car, clay models and choice of materials.

Hugo Nightingale, Senior Designer, Jaguar Cars, said: "We want to explain to people the art of creating a car. In some companies car design is a technical, cold process. At Jaguar it is about emotion, artistry and craftsmanship."

The eye-catching design of the car was seen as a huge success for Jaguar when it was released, but the ‘jet-powered’ gas turbines used to power the car matched to an electric motor was the first of its kind to be showcased in a concept car.

Jaguar will replace the system with a fully hybrid powertrain for production models, but has hinted an extremely limited number could be produced using the gas turbine technology.

On the C-X75 Ian Callum, Design Director, Jaguar Cars, said: "The C-X75 is everything a Jaguar should be. It possesses remarkable poise and grace yet at the same time has the excitement and potency of a true supercar. You could argue this is as close to a pure art form as a concept car can get.”

The Jaguar C-X75, says the brand, ‘was founded on a desire to continue Jaguar’s design philosophy of flowing lines, purity of form and bespoke luxury for years to come’, a theme running throughout the exhibition.

The concept car itself will appear at the show, which runs from 24 May to 26 May 2011. Other Jaguar models such as the XFR performance saloon, XJ Supersport and XKR-S will also appear at the exhibition.