Jaguar to sell C-X75 hybrid supercar

The concept car, which wowed at the Paris Motor Show last year, was initially described as a design concept by the Big Cat, not least because of its jet-powered engine and hypercar design styling.

However, Jaguar now plans to build 250 models based on the concept with the help of Williams F1 team, and will sell it for as much as £700,000 a time.

For that price, customers will be able to hit speeds of 200mph from the hybrid powertrain, but at the other end of the scale it will be able to travel short distances on purely electric power.

The match between performance and frugality should, says Jaguar, result in 99g/km – amazingly enough to qualify the car for zero road tax and exemption from London’s congestion charge.

This is down to the lightweight carbon construction of the car – a nod to Williams’ expertise in the field alongside Jaguar’s research.

“Never before has the company launched such an ambitious, world-beating vehicle programme,” said Carl-Peter Forster, CEO Tata Motors. “This is the Jaguar of the future. The opportunity for innovation like this in the UK is part of the reason Tata Motors invested in Jaguar, and it’s fantastic that products like the C-X75 can become reality.”

The finalised production version will be as close to the concept car as possible, with only aerodynamic tweaks to differentiate it. Jaguar says only 250 will be made in total, but it will investigate a limited run of jet-powered models based on the concept car.

Jaguar has started to take expressions of interest for the car it is labelling ‘Project C-X75’ ready for production in 2013.