Renault vans get live satellite navigation

Renault has teamed up with satellite navigation experts Carminat TomTom to introduce live navigation into its van range, including the Renault Kangoo, Renault Trafic and Renault Master van.

Previously the real-time traffic updates and road safety alerts were only available as an option on Renault’s car range, but the benefits to business and private van drivers has led to the technology being extended to the van range.

Renault says the system will allow businesses to ‘manage, make safe and optimise’ business journeys using the new Live software.

Featuring live traffic updates, the system can plan routes to avoid busy areas, warn of mobile speed checks, search Google for points of interest and give five-day weather forecasts.

It also offered advanced lane guidance, offering van drivers information on upcoming junctions and lanes.

The Carminat TomTom Live system is being offered free for the first three months for people with the satnav system and is priced at 59 Euros (£52) per year afterwards. The in-dash Carminat TomTom system costs 490 Euros to install.

Renault’s UK van range comprises the Renault Kangoo in Compact, standard and Maxi sizes, the Trafic panel van and the largest van in the range, the Renault Master panel van.

Crew van, chassis cab and conversions are also available based on Renault’s van range.

The introduction of the live navigation technology will enhance the Renault Master range, which was recently awarded What Van? Van of the Year and Large Panel Van of the Year 2011 in the industry’s top awards.