Brighton Festival Fringe welcomes Citroen C-Zero

The Citroen C-Zero will be available for test drives throughout the festival as part of Citroen’s sponsorship of the event, which runs from 7-30 May 2011.

Citroen is asking visitors to the festival to book a test drive in advance and all test drivers must have both parts of their driving license with them.

The Citroen C-Zero is currently on sale at Citroen dealers in the UK and is one of four cars eligible for £5,000 discount under the government’s plug-in car grant.

The four-door, four-seat electric car uses an electric motor to power it, which in turn is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

Capable of reaching 80mph, the Citroen C-Zero has a range of 93 miles and its small dimensions and low running costs (it is road tax free and exempt from paying the congestion charge) make it ideal for city driving.

The C-Zero is almost identical to the Peugeot iOn, which was developed alongside Citroen’s C-Zero and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.

However, the Peugeot and Citroen models are available on a four-year lease deal only, allowing the driver to avoid the costs of replacing the battery pack at the end of its life.

Outside of the festival, Citroen customers can test drive the C-Zero at one of Citroen’s specialist electric car dealerships.

Perrys in Milton Keynes has been chosen by the French car maker as a specialist dealership, meaning special electric car training has been given to sales, aftersales and maintenance staff. The centre also boasts a test car and charging station for test drives.

At the Brighton Festival, the estimated 180,000 visitors will also be given the chance to test drive other cars from Citroen’s range, including the small Citroen C1 city car, the upmarket Citroen DS3 supermini and the more practical C3 Picasso.