Demand for Range Rovers at both ends of price scale

Only 500 of the most luxurious, and expensive, Range Rover ever built have been commissioned and already 150 have been snapped up by customers in China.

The US accounts for 50 more pre-orders of the Ultimate Edition and as the car is only available via a customer order, the number available to European customers has been significantly affected.

This is despite the Autobiography Ultimate Edition, which boasts a drinks chiller, high quality leather and two iPads as standard, costing up to £300,000 in China – almost double the price of the luxury 4×4 in Europe.

Land Rover global brand director, John Edwards, said: “China is Land Rover’s fastest growing market with Range Rover in particular seeing positive growth – up 59% year-on-year."

He also confirmed orders for the Range Rover Evoque have reached 1000 in China before prices were even announced. The Evoque is expected to cost up to £65,000 in the Asian market.

In the UK, the Evoque is the least expensive Range Rover ever made, costing less than £30,000 for two-wheel drive, five-door editions.

Both the most and least expensive Range Rovers ever built are currently on show at the Shanghai Auto Show, and will appear at the New York Motor Show.

However, sales of the Evoque will begin in the UK in September, and the first orders of the Merseyside-built luxury SUV have already begun.

Available in three- or five-door body styles and with a range of personalised options, the Range Rover Evoque is the most environmentally friendly and smallest Range Rover in Land Rover’s line-up.