Arsenal create C4-inspired charity artwork

Gael Clichy, Laurent Koscielny and Wojciech Szezesny joined unique artist Ian Cook of PopBang Colour to create a three metre painting showing a goal celebration.

Models of the new Citroen C4 were used to create the art over 50 hours since December last year as a means of supporting London’s homeless youth charity Centrepoint.

It is hoped the hatchback-inspired artwork will raise half a million pounds towards providing, maintaining and modernising homeless shelters across the city.

Cook said:"I think all three players enjoyed playing with the Citroën radio-controlled cars and hopefully they are as proud of the finished piece as I am. I’ve got my fingers crossed this will raise lots of money for Centrepoint.”

Taking time out from a Premiership title challenge Clichy believes the project is important for the London. He said: "It’s a bit creative, it raises money and you are able to do something a little different with the young people who are the most important part of the Club’s partnership.”

The art was created as part of Citroen’s sponsorship of the football club. Citroen’s newest model, the C4, is available now in the UK.

Boasting revised styling over the previous model, the C4 is Citroen’s family-size Focus rival. Featuring an increase in equipment levels over previous versions, the C4 also adds extra storage space as it attempt to compete with the class leaders.

The new Citroen C4 will also be offered with Citroen’s micro-hybrid e-HDi engines which will feature fuel-saving Start/Stop and lower CO2 emissions to beneath 100g/km – qualifying the car for zero road tax and exemption from the London congestion charge.