Mazda launches anti-clocking service

Recent research by vehicle information experts HPI revealed for every 17 cars in the UK, one has had its mileage altered by ‘clockers’.

Clocking a car’s mileage is done to increase the price of the car when it is sold, but it could put drivers at risk because it does not give an accurate impression of how much the car has been driven and the wear and tear on parts.

It could also void any insurance claims if the car is in an accident, leaving the driver out of pocket if the car is damaged.

To combat this, Mazda has created an internet-based program that can be updated after every service to show the true mileage of a Mazda car.

This gives buyers another place to check if they suspect the car’s mileage has been clocked. The service will be updated at all official Mazda service centres throughout the life of the car.

As an added bonus to Mazda drivers, the service is also expected to improve the residual values of Mazda cars because it takes away uncertainty about the car’s true mileage.

Steve Jelliss, Aftersales Director, Mazda Motors UK explained: "Mazda’s residual values, which are already among the best in class, are further reinforced by a secure and authoritative service record.

"This not only helps combat the illegal practice of clocking cars, but also supports Mazda dealers and other servicers in doing all they can to keep the car running at its best."

The service will be available for all new Mazda cars, from the compact Mazda2 supermini to the large Mazda5 MPV.

To learn more, take a look at our guide on HPI checks.