Which car colour is best?

Black cars best?

Owners of the Fiat Pink might disagree, but a recent poll by Auto Trader has found black is the most impressive car colour.

The survey found nearly half of all people asked thought black cars look more expensive and were more likely to impress their neighbours compared to just three per cent who thought green, yellow and purple cars looked expensive.

Owners of brightly coloured cars can still make them look expensive by fitting leather interior, however. Out of 2,351 people surveyed, 67 per cent thought leather interior makes a car look expensive.

New Jaguar XJ at Downing Street

One black car which is definitely expensive is the brand new Jaguar XJ which delivered new PM David Cameron to Downing Street this week after he officially took up the post.

While predecessor Gordon Brown had to make do with the previous model, Cameron was treated to a specially designed XJ which – we estimate – costs upwards of £100,000. As an official government vehicle, the Jaguar will be high customised to make it as secure as possible.

Jaguar, understandably, haven’t released specific details of the XJ – something to do with national security – but it will be even more specced out than the models currently being offered to people to test drive in Manchester this month.

Expect bullet-proof glass, bomb-proofing and flat-running tyres are all expected to be included in the PM’s ride, which is one of two models delivered to the Metropolitan Police for testing this week.

Tyre advice

While the PM probably has some sort of fuel allowance, the rest of us are facing rising fuel costs. The has led mytyres.co.uk to list some tips on saving money on fuel costs. And here they are:

  • Tip 1: The most obvious approach is to check locally for the cheapest petrol retailer and there are websites that will help to locate best value service stations.
  • Tip 2: Make your car more efficient, principally adjust tyre pressures to the correct level and you could save up to 3%. Independent checks have indicated that some 80% of cars on the road have tyres incorrectly inflated. There are also strong safety reasons why tyres should have correct pressures and they will also last longer.
  • Tip 3: Reduce weight. Many motorists clutter the boot and interior of their cars with unnecessary items. Savings can be up to 2%.
  • Tip 4: Remove the roof rack if not in use, again a saving of up to 2%.
  • Tip 5: With most cars now fitted with air conditioning, switch it off and you could save 8%.
  • Tip 6: Drive more smoothly and anticipate traffic flows, not only will you save fuel, driving will be more comfortable for you and your passengers.

For more money saving tips, check out our guide to keeping motoring costs down.