Ford launches van scrappage scheme

After the success of the government scrappage scheme in 2009, which offered £2,000 off the price of a new car in the UK, Ford has now turned its attentions to its older, less efficient vans.

From today, owners of ten year old or more vans will be eligible for up to £3,000 off a Ford Fiesta van, Ford Transit Connect and Ford Transit from Ford dealerships in the UK.

The move comes as EU emissions standards and a proposed London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) increase the pressure on van makers to offer lower emissions from January 2012.

It is estimated 72,000 vans and minibuses in the UK will not meet the lower emissions requirements in the capital.

Owners of vans with emissions above the required target will have to pay a daily charge of £100 or face a £500 penalty – leaving many UK motorists out of pocket. Cameras throughout the zones will record vans 24 hours a day when the rules come into affect.

However, Ford’s new range of vans qualify for the new regulations and the manufacturer is keen to offer newer vans at a discount for its customers.

Ford of Britain commercial vehicle director, Steve Clary said: “Ford is pleased that, together with the Ford dealer network, it can offer van customers operating in the London area up to £3,000 discount on our latest, low-CO2 commercial vehicles. Ford is acting in advance of the new LEZ measures to ease the transition from older vans into new commercial vehicles.”

Mayor of London Boris Johnson was the guest of honour at the launch of the awards, and he was ‘delighted’ to be supporting the initiative.

The offer includes £1,000 off a Fiesta van, £1,500 off a Transit Connect and up to £3,000 off the Ford Transit. Ford’s van range starts from £15,500 before VAT for the Fiesta van.

The Transit Connect costs less than £10,000 before VAT and the Transit starts from £12,000, again before the 20 per cent rate of VAT is applied to the world’s most popular panel van.