Vauxhall offers discount summer safety check

A check to ensure all essential fluids are topped up in the run up to summer costs £35 – the same price as 2010.

The safety check checks fluids in the car and identifies any possible leaks. The check also includes an air conditioning performance check.

Air conditioning can be essential for long journeys in summer weather, and an inefficient system could be a drain on fuel during the summer.

The cold winter weather has the potential to cause damage to parts of a car and inactivity, particularly in the case of the air conditioning system, can reduce the performance of some car technology.

"Vauxhall MasterFit is constantly looking for ways to ensure it offers its customers the best possible value when maintaining their car," said Vauxhall Service Channel manager, Belinda Craik. "Servicing is essential to a car’s maintenance but interim safety checks should be taken just as seriously."

Traditionally, summer is the most popular time to undertake longer car journeys as more people drive to holiday destinations.

This means cars are usually loaded with luggage, making them heavier and increasing the need for regular safety tests.

Craik added: "Vauxhall MasterFit technicians are trained on Vauxhall vehicles making them ideally qualified to carry out these inspections."

Vauxhall dealerships will also offer a summer car kit, including bodywork shampoo, car glass polish and resin polish for free with every summer safety check.