Renault Zoe Preview unveiled

These include technology to hydrate the driver’s skin, regulate air quality and a scent diffuser in what the manufacturer has described as a ‘spa car’.

The hydration system works by regulating the humidity in the car, while the scent diffuser is capable of emitting a relaxing scent or a stimulating scent to keep the driver alert at night.

Renault has continued the theme in the design of the Clio-size electric car, with glowing LED lights and almond shaped headlights designed to mimic a ‘sophisticated form of light therapy’.

The idea, which saw Renault include a small plant in early concepts of the model, is to create a car which is seen as friendly to the environment and relaxing to drive.

This will be helped by the all-electric drivetrain, which features a 60kW electric motor developing 80bhp and 222Nm of torque.

Featuring regenerative breaking to reduce the amount of energy wasted, the car also features a pre-heating and pre-cooling system where the car can regulate temperature in the cabin while it is being charged.

The car can be charged in six to eight hours from a standard household socket and just 30 minutes via a fast charging station. Renault is also investigating the possibility of introducing a battery replacement service to allow customers to swap their empty battery with a new one.

The design of the Zoe includes sculpted flanks designed to improve air resistance and the design is expected to preview a future design direction for the conventionally powered Renault Clio supermini.

The Renault Zoe will be the third of Renault’s electric vehicles to arrive in the UK after the launch of the Kangoo Van Z.E. and the Fluence Z.E. saloon.