Citroen C-Zero test drives at Brighton festival

The four-door, four-seat electric car will appear at the festival as part of Citroen’s sponsorship of the event, allowing the expected 180,000 visitors the chance to test drive one of the first next-generation electric cars to go on sale in the UK.

In between comedy, theatre, music and dance performances, the C-Zero will be offering test drives around the city to demonstrate its ‘stylish, environmentally considerate and economically viable solution to the increasing challenges of urban mobility’.

The Citroen C-Zero is available on a four-year lease deal in the UK today and Perrys Milton Keynes is one of just 11 dealership offering specially trained sales and maintenance staff capable of selling, servicing and maintaining the electric car.

Based on the same designed as the Peugeot iOn, the C-Zero is a four-seat car capable of travelling over 90 miles on a single charge.

It can be fully charged in six hours or charged to 80 per cent capacity in 30 minutes using a fast charging station and the use of electricity qualifies it for zero road tax, exemption from the London congestion charge and free parking in some city areas.

Its green credentials also allow the Citroen C-Zero to qualify for the government’s Plug-in Grant, offering £5,000 off the price of electric cars in the UK.

The deduction is included in the leasing rate for the C-Zero, which stands at £415 per month before VAT.

The C-Zero will not be the only Citroen appearing at the event. Citroen will take part in ‘open access’ performances across the 180 venues during the festival as part of the sponsorship deal.

Michael Bedingfield, Brighton Festival Fringe Director said: “Confirming Citroën as headline sponsor for 2011 provides a platform for this year’s Fringe to be better than ever. Citroën’s green credentials, independent spirit and history of innovation are a perfect match for the Fringe.”

The 2011 Brighton Fringe Festival, the third largest arts festival in the world, runs from 7-30 May.