Kia promises electric Venga by 2013

The five-door Kia Venga will be the first from the car maker to use purely electrical power. It will be powered by a 60kW electric motor which in turn is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack.

Kia says the range will be 90 miles on the new electric vehicle, the same as the four-door Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero, which are currently on sale in the UK.

However, it will take just six hours to fully charge and is capable of using a 25 minute long fast charge at specialist charge points.

Kia is already testing 250 prototypes in Korea and senior research engineer C Y Jeong has confirmed 2,000 full production models will be made next year before a full roll out in 2013.

Kia has not released details of prices, but the car is expected to be more expensive than the current Kia Venga, which starts from £11,755.

It is also yet to reveal the battery layout. Due to the size and weight of electric car batteries, electric versions will often have less space than the standard model – a problem Kia will need to overcome in the new Venga EV.

While the Kia Venga EV will go up against the likes of the Renault Zoe in the UK market, the manufacturer has confirmed it is also looking into other eco-friendly alternatives to its petrol and diesel models.

This include the ultra-efficient hydrogen fuel cell technology. Hydrogen fuel cell cars deliver zero tailpipe emissions and are widely recognised as the ‘greenest’ power system for cars.

However, the cost of the technology does not currently make it viable as a production solution.

Despite this, Kia has hinted it could start building hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as early as 2015.