Save money at the pumps as prices soar

In recent weeks conversations about cars invariably have drifted onto the subject of fuel prices.

Comparing prices of a particularly expensive refuel seems to be as common in the UK as chitchat about the weather – and all signs point to the situation only getting worse.

With fuel prices inching towards 150 pence per litre, we’ve seen an increase in people enquiring about trading in their larger, thirstier cars for something a bit more frugal.

Luckily, even family-size cars are bringing fuel consumption down. Models such as the new Ford Focus, Vauxhall Insignia (particularly ecoFLEX versions) and even the 4×4 Kia Sportage offer more miles per litre than would previously have been possible in similar size cars.

For some, however, it is not possible to spend several thousand pounds on a new car whenever fuel prices rise to a certain level.

Here at Perrys we’re always happy to help our customers cut down on the cost of motoring, from cheaper deals on new cars to extensive servicing to ensure the car is as efficient as possible.

There are, however, some simpler – and more importantly cheaper – things you can do to save money in the short term.

– Check your tyres regularly to make sure that they are not over worn or under inflated, which can drastically reduce fuel efficiency. As many as 50% of the tyres on the UK’s roads are under inflated, this can also increase wear.

– Shopping around for a bargain also includes shopping for petrol and diesel! Recent studies have shown that fuel prices can fluctuate as much as 5p per litre in any given area. To find the cheapest petrol station in your area visit:

– Drive in the highest gear possible without labouring the engine, as it is the most fuel efficient. Driving in a low gear often over revs the engine, increasing fuel consumption by up to 25%.

– Declutter your car- the lighter your car the less effort you will need to accelerate.

– The aerodynamics of your car plays an important part in saving fuel. Removing roof racks and shutting windows will help to reduce the drag and increase fuel efficiency.

– Turn off the air con in your car- only use in extreme circumstances!

– DON’T fill your car up to the top with fuel, this will add weight to the car, which in turn means you will mean you are burning more fuel.

– Accelerate gradually without over revving- when you press harder on the pedal more fuel flows. A good rule is to stay under 3000 revs.

– When buying a new car bear in mind fuel economy- Perrys has a great range of vehicles, with many that can reach up to around 70 mpg.

Hopefully the government will take note of motorist’s plight when the budget is announced this month and put measures in place to ease the burden on the long-suffering UK car owner.