Range Rover Evoque wins top design award

The ceremony, which took place at the Geneva Motor Show, is run by Car Design News in order to find the best car design for a car that it available to buy.

The Range Rover Evoque is the smallest car in the Range Rover line up and is set to go on sale in the UK in summer 2011.

It is designed to be the most fuel efficient and lightest Range Rover ever made – fuel consumption is an impressive 58mpg – and include a two-wheel drive option for the first time in Land Rover’s luxurious sub-brand.

In terms of design, the car features a dramatic coupe-like roofline that dips towards the rear and a rounded front end complete with smaller grilles than some of the more rugged Land Rover cars.

The subtly redesigned five-door version includes a higher roofline at the rear to make room for the two extra doors.

Aimed at a younger, city-living buyer, the Range Rover Evoque also boasts and interior designed with the input of Victoria Beckham, who helped out as a ‘design consultant’ prior to the launch of the model.

“The Evoque translates the brand identity of Range Rover to a smaller, very relevant product, without becoming retro or derivative,” added Joe Simpson, Associate Editor.

The award was chosen by automotive designers and ‘a number of leading industry Design Directors’ and is one of the top design awards in the UK.

“I am delighted to accept this prestigious award on behalf of the Land Rover Design team. This is a particularly special accolade as it represents recognition from peers in the industry,” said McGovern.

The Range Rover Evoque will go on sale in the UK from around £30,000 for entry-level two-wheel drive versions.