Perrys chosen as electric vehicle specialist

Staff at the Perrys Citroen dealership will be specially trained to advise customers on the C-Zero and two dedicated aftersales electric vehicle specialists will be trained to prepare, service and maintain the newest electric city car to arrive in UK showrooms.

The dealership will also make up part of Citroen’s electric charging network and will include an electric charging bay and C-Zero demonstrator car for test drives.

Deliveries of the four-door, four-seat electric car have started in the UK this month to both businesses and private customers.

The Citroen C-Zero is available on a lease-only deal from £415 per month before VAT for a four-year contract. The price is inclusive of the government’s plug-in car grant, which reduces the price of electric vehicles by up to £5,000.

This price covers lease of the vehicle and battery pack as well as servicing and maintenance.
All staff, says Citroen, will have ‘access to all the necessary special tools and equipment to prepare, service and maintain the new C-Zero city car’.

With a range of 93 miles, the C-Zero is designed for city driving. The Perrys dealership in Milton Keynes was chosen because the city is included in the government’s plug-in network, which has promised to build an infrastructure of charging points for electric vehicles.

Perrys in Milton Keynes is becoming an expert on the sale and aftersale of electric vehicles after the dealership was chosen as one of just 22 dedicated Peugeot iOn dealerships.

The Peugeot iOn is identical to the Citroen C-Zero except for the badge, and has been on sale in the UK since January.