European Renault Twizy prices announced

The Renault Twizy will go on sale in the UK in March 2012 and if the prices mirror those in Europe, it could cost as little as £6,000 and just £40 a month to lease the battery.

Designed as a ‘mobility solution’, the Twizy measures just 2.32 metres in length and 1.19 metres in width. Up to two people can travel in the Twizy in a tandem seating layout.

It boasts a turning circle of just 3.4 metres and on average is 30cm narrower than the average city car currently on sale.

The small, lightweight 7kWh lithium ion battery and compact dimensions are designed for city driving, where the range is as much as 60 miles on a full charge.

It can be fully charged in three and a half hours and uses regenerative braking to boost the range and save energy when braking.

Despite the small size, Renault has focused on safety in the Twizy. The car is designed to protect the driver and passenger in the event of a head on collision and includes driver’s airbag, a four-point harness at the front and a three-point safety belt for the passenger.

The Twizy will be the third of four electric vehicles released by Renault in the next 12 months. The Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. will go on sale in 2011 and will be followed by the Renault Fluence saloon early in 2012.

Prices for the Fluence have yet to be confirmed for UK customers, but the Kangoo Van Z.E. will start from £16,990 before VAT in the UK with a £59 per month charge to lease the battery.

The Renault Twizy will arrive in UK showrooms in March 2012 and the final electric car to be unveiled, the supermini-size Renault Zoe, will follow later in the year.