Mazda reveals Minagi concept

The Mazda Minagi compact crossover concept was revealed in a glitzy ceremony at the Geneva Motor Show this week and is the second concept to use the new ‘Kodo’ design language – a name which translates as ‘soul of motion’.

The first, the Shinari, was a supercar concept, but the emergence of the Minagi hints at a future production model from the manufacturer, with the CX-5 name expected to be used.

The concept is not only designed using Mazda’s new ‘Kodo’ design language, it also boasts its most efficient technology ever.

SKYACTIV is the name given by Mazda to the lightweight chassis and low-CO2 engines used in the construction of the Minagi concept.

Mazda says all Mazda vehicles will use SKYACTIV technology by 2015, and the Mazda2 and Mazda3 small cars will receive SKYACTIV petrol and diesel engines as early as this year.

The SKYACTIV technology could improve efficiency by 23 per cent in Mazda’s model range, meaning lower running costs for customers choosing a Mazda car.

“Then, between 2016 and 2020, we roll out second generation SKYACTIV which will reduce emissions by the same amount again,” promised Seita Kanai, head of research and development at Mazda.

The first car to receive the SKYACTIV technology will be the Mazda2 this year when the car is updated. Petrol versions of the Mazda2 could boast CO2 emissions of around 80g/km, making it the lowest emitting petrol engine available to buy in the UK.

It could also boast 78mpg – 15 per cent more than previous powerplants from the manufacturer- when it finally arrives.

The technology will be used in the new Mazda3 this year and will be extended to other Mazda models over the next three years.