Stunning new Alfa Romeo 4C on sale in 2012

The rear-wheel drive coupe is a smaller version of the limited edition 8C Competizione, but unlike the larger model, a future model based on the 4C will be a full production car available in the UK without the limited production run.

The Alfa 4C is a compact, lightweight car with typically dramatic Italian styling and just a hint of the Lotus Elise. This includes a sculptured carbon chassis and GTA badging – the first Alfa to do so for several years.

At just four metres in length and with a remarkably short wheelbase, the Alfa Romeo is extremely compact. This helps to decrease the weight as well, which tips the scales at just 850kg.

Alfa could use the potent 1.8-litre engine in the 4C. The engine, which has been tweaked to deliver 250bhp, has also been used in Alfa’s latest hot hatch, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta Cloverleaf.

Due to the lightweight body, it could be capable of hitting 155mph when it goes into production, while still keeping CO2 emissions and fuel consumption down compared to heavier rivals.

The Alfa Romeo 4C is expected to enter production later this year and the first models could go on sale as early as 2012.

Despite the name and style following on from the 8C Competizione, the 4C is not expected to cost as much, with a price around £35,000 expected for the coupe.

Designed as the halo car in the Alfa Romeo range, the Italian manufacturer will sell the car in the UK.