Jaguar lands top ten spot in consumer survey

The British-based car maker was one of several luxury car manufacturers to feature in the list, which asks 2,000 members of the British public to assess their most trusted brands.

It is the 12th year the Consumer Superbrands survey has been revealed, and according to the Centre for Brand Analysis, it has ‘become a key barometer of the strength of brands across the UK’.

Jaguar joined BMW and the overall winners, Mercedes, in the top ten for the first time. The result shows a boost in the public perception of Jaguar, helped by the successful launch of the Jaguar XJ last year.

Stephen Cheliotis, Chairman of the Expert Council & CEO, The Centre for Brand Analysis comments: “As 2011 looks to be another tough year for consumer brands, the leading Superbrands can hopefully offset the worst of the downturn by stimulating demand and loyalty over and above the levels its rivals command."

Jaguar, whose two factories are based in the Midlands, joins big names such as the BBC, Google and Microsoft in the top ten. Other brands to make it into the top ten include Rolex, Coca-Cola, British Airways and Apple.

However, Jaguar was one of few British-based brands to make the list, signalling a return to form for the Big Cat as it prepares for the launch of a new model.

Jaguar will reveal a new concept car, the Jaguar XE, at the Geneva Motor Show this week as it continues to update its entire product range.

Previously, the new XK coupe and XF executive saloon have been hits for the Jaguar, and the brand won praise for its stunning Jaguar X-C75 electric supercar concept at the Paris Motor Show in 2010.