Renault promises second electric van for 2011

The Kangoo Z.E. will be launched later this year and Renault has revealed a larger version, the Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E., will follow it into the UK market.

Renault will offer the Kangoo Maxi Z.E. van in two- or five-seat configuration and a single specification level when it goes on sale later in the year.

The two-seater van will boast a maximum cargo capacity of 4.6 cubic metres, over one cubic metre more than the smaller Kangoo Z.E.

Load length will be 2.9 metres and the height of the van will be 1.82 metres, allowing it access to underground car parks – a must for city driving.

A five-seat crew van version will also be available with reduced load capacity but the split folding seat configuration means it is still capable of creating 3.4 cubic metres of load space.

Based on the standard combustion model, the difference lies in the all-electric powertrain. The Kangoo Maxi Z.E. boasts a 44kW motor powered by a 22kWh lithium-ion battery placed underneath the floor of the van.

This allows the van to travel over 100 miles on a single charge depending on conditions and how much the van is carrying and the battery can be charged in six to eight hours.

Prices for the UK have not been announced, but Renault says customers can sell or lease the van. The battery will be a separate lease, allowing Renault to take on any replacement or maintenance costs.

The smaller Renault Kangoo Z.E. will be available in the UK in 2011, shortly before Ford introduces its Kangoo rival, the Ford Transit Connect Electric.