Range Rover Evoque to be ‘tailor made’

Land Rover’s smaller and more efficient take on the luxury Range Rover name will come in three main design themes.

These are ‘cool and contemporary’ ‘Pure’, a sportier ‘Dynamic’ and a design focused on increasing luxury called ‘Prestige’.

These themes replace the more traditional trim levels and are highly customisable to make each model feel tailor made for the individual customer.

Options include contrasting roof and spoiler colours and exterior design packs for the outside of the car and a choice of luxury upholstery inside.

However, the Evoque will also feature extra options packs and the option of adding stand alone items for their car. These options range from practical choices to improve towing to in-car technology and design touches.

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover design director said: “Customers like to make their own unique statement with a vehicle and we have provided individuals with lots of opportunity to personalise their new Range Rover Evoque, whilst maintaining the essence of the design.”

The design themes will be available for both three- and five-door versions on the new Range Rover Evoque. The decision to create a more customisable car ties in with a new approach for Land Rover in the run up to the Evoque launch.

Moving away from off-road towing and practicality, the Evoque has been aimed at fashion-conscious buyers, mainly in urban areas.

This was highlighted by the recruitment of Victoria Beckham to help with the interior designs and the inclusion of a two-wheel drive version – a breakaway from the 4×4 tradition of the brand.

However, it will also be one of the cheapest Land Rover cars ever sold. Prices are set to be announced in March at the Geneva Motor Show, but the entry-level models are expected to be as low as £30,000 – making it the lowest priced Range Rover on the market.