Motability: How can Perrys help?

There are over 1.5 million people with a disability in the UK who qualify for the Higher Rate Mobility Allowance. For many, a car is an essential means of travel, but often standard models do not fulfil all the necessary requirements.

This is where Motability comes in, and Perrys is a leading partner of the scheme. The scheme aims to provide discounts on several popular models.

It also allows conversions to be carried out to allow the car to be tailored to an individual customer’s needs and the contract hire or hire purchase scheme can include everything a customer needs; from road tax to insurance.

"At Perrys our first priority is the customer and to help them become more mobile by providing affordable, reliable and convenient transport," said General Manager at Perrys Blackburn, Dave Walker-Smith.

"For someone with a disability, mobility means the freedom to come and go as they please; to go shopping, to travel to work, to take the kids to school and so much more. At Perrys it is our aim to help people do just that."

Perrys of Blackburn is one of the Perrys’ specialist Motability centres specialising in Peugeot cars. These include everything from the small Peugeot 207 supermini to the practical and versatile Peugeot 3008 crossover.

Dave continued: "Here at Perrys our Motability specialists find it extremely rewarding to be able to help a customer find the right car, be it in the comfort of their own home or at our dealership.

"Many of our customers have become loyal friends through the excellent customer service that they receive."

Motability specialists advise on customer’s eligibility for the scheme, the different cars available and which conversions are offered.

They will also help to arrange a test drive and answer any other questions the customer may have about the scheme.

For more information on the Motability scheme at Perrys, take a look at our guide to Motability here.