Ford Focus Electric will be ‘easiest car to own’

The Focus Electric will not need oil changes, air filter changes or replacement spark plugs, cutting down on the amount of servicing and maintenance the car needs.

According to Ford, the car will be the ‘easiest car to own’ the company has ever built because drivers only need to worry about charging up the battery pack before setting out.

"When you have moving parts, such as the gears in a transmission or the pistons in an engine, you have maintenance," Marakby said. "With an electric drive, there are very few moving parts. And in the Focus Electric, the only moving parts are the motor and the wheels.”

This means expensive repairs to air filters, cooling systems, transmission, drive belt and spark plugs will not be needed over the lifetime of the car.

The Ford Focus Electric is the first all-electric car from the car maker, and will make its European debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

It will arrive in Europe in 2012 and will be the flagship model in its hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle range.

Ford claims the new model will have half the charge time of its main rival, the Nissan Leaf and UK prices are expected to be similar to Nissan’s hatchback.

However, Ford is currently working to extend the range of the Ford Focus Electric beyond that of its rival, which is capable of up to 100 miles per charge.

The Ford Focus Electric will be based on the next generation Ford Focus hatchback, which goes on sale in the UK in summer 2011.