Citroen’s take on an electric future

If you’ve ever wondered what the cars of the future will look like, then you are not alone.

This week, a Citroen-led challenge to design an electric vehicle of the future was won by Heikki Juvonen for the unique E-3POD Antistatic mobility solution.

Students at the Royal College of Art took part in the competition to design an ultra-compact model for the future as part of their second year MA for Citroen.

Citroen’s Electric Vehicle Development Team chose the bizarre three-wheel vehicle from a host of entries and rewarded Heikki with a six month contract to work at the PSA Design Centre in Paris.

The concept is a single-seat vehicle with two small front wheels and a large rear wheel. The rest of the car is streamlined and aerodynamic, resembling an F1 car or aeroplane from the front.

The three-wheel design is ‘positioned between bikes and cars’ and is ultra-light to reduce the need for a large battery pack.

Philippe Holland, Responsable Style Graphique at Citroën, said; "The students have produced some truly exceptional ideas for the future design of electric Citroën vehicles.

"This type of powertrain is increasingly recognised as an important solution for economically and environmentally viable urban transport; so it’s fantastic to see the electric visions of these potential car designers of tomorrow."

The E-3POD may never be made as a production vehicle, but it does show Citroen is actively looking into electric vehicles in future and has identified areas where a new vehicle could be introduced.

Citroen is one of the first manufacturers to introduce a mass-produced electric car into the UK in the shape of the compact four-door Citroen C-Zero.

The French company is also a keen designer of all-electric concept cars, culminating in the stunning Citroen Survolt electric supercar earlier this year.

The latest EV, the quirky E-3POD, can be seen below in a series of images: