Renault launches its own low-cost tyres

The French manufacturer is the first to introduce its own range of tyres designed for its cars and aims to undercut major tyre producers.

According to Renault, tyres are the second most frequent reason for visiting a dealer and can be one of the most expensive costs after servicing.

Renault’s ‘Motrio’ tyre range will cost from £36 fully fitted and will be available on all Renault cars, including older models.

Renault UK dealers such as Perrys will offer the new tyres from 1 February in the choice of two tread patterns.

The first, Motrio Impulsion, is designed for small city cars such as the Twingo and Clio supermini. The second, Motrio Impulsion+ has been tailored for larger, sportier models.

All tyres have been tested extensively by Renault on its car range and the car maker says its tyres will be silent running and improve braking and steering accuracy.

The low cost of the tyres does not come at the expense of quality, says Renault, which has championed the ‘longevity’ of the tyres.

Mark Crockett, Director of Service and Quality at Renault UK, said: "Our new own-brand tyre range, which of course carries Renault’s seal of approval, is very competitively priced and in many cases is significantly less expensive than the premium brands helping motorists to reduce their costs without sacrificing on quality.”

Renault’s Motrio tyre range will be available on all Renault cars, from the Twingo city car to the Scenic MPV.

The introduction of its own tyre range is the latest in Renault’s aggressive price-reduction policy. It recently announced savings of up to £2,000 on specific models in its range, including high-end Megane hatchback, coupe and convertible cars.

Renault has also introduced a new lower price entry-level model to seven of its most popular ranges in the form of the Bizu range to boost sales in 2011.