Citroen’s ‘Business Class’ explained

The Citroen Nemo, Berlingo and Relay are common sights on the UK roads. The French manufacturer’s van range is one of the more popular in the UK and last year Citroen was the UK’s fifth favourite van manufacturer with over 1,200 sold.

Now Citroen is aiming higher with a new Business Class programme designed to offer better service to its LCV customers in the same way as Renault’s iCare programme.

But what is Citroen’s new Business Class strategy for 2011?

It revolves around Citroen’s 200-strong network of dealers, including Perrys Milton Keynes, Perrys Barnsley and Perrys Huddersfield.

The dealers are being encouraged to invest in extra staff and training to create a network of industry networks on the sales and aftersales support of Citroen’s van range.

According to Citroen, this will ‘provide all fleet customers, irrespective of fleet size, with even higher levels of specialist support.’

More specifically, the dealers will offer fleet customers:

  1. Specially trained professional LCV and car fleet sales staff
  2. Additional, specially trained professional LCV technical support staff
  3. A wide range of new Citroën LCVs in stock and on display
  4. Displays of Relay Specialist and Ready to Run vehicles
  5. A wide range of LCV demonstrator vehicles available
  6. A large choice of Citroën-approved used LCVs
  7. A wide range of while-you-wait service operations
  8. Extended opening hours for both sales and service
  9. A variety of LCV courtesy vehicles, including Dispatch and Relay models

The scheme also offers Trafficmaster Smartnav and Trackstar telematics to help fleet operators navigate their route and improve vehicle productivity using the telematics package.

Overseeing this strategy is a new face at Citroen, Head of Commercial Vehicles and Business Sector Martin Hamill. He replaces the splendidly-named Charles Peugeot, who is moving on to become Sales Director UK.

To find out more about Citroen’s van range and the Business Class programme, click here.