Ford teases new Focus Electric

The Ford Focus Electric will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show on Friday. This is a break from the norm for a car manufacturer, which tends to unveil new models at motor shows.

It will, however, appear at the North America International Motor Show in Detroit from next week, where the specifications and details will be revealed in full.

The Ford Focus Electric is expected to rival the Nissan Leaf in both size and range. This means a range of 100 miles for the first electric model from the manufacturer.

The teaser shot shows the model will be based on the new Ford Focus platform, meaning the ever-popular ride and handling of the Focus should remain on the electric version.

It will be a big difference from the Nissan Leaf because it will be based on an existing model and therefore will keep production costs to a minimum.

The only difference will be the electric powerplant, which will replace the more conventional petrol or diesel engines seen in the new 2012 Ford Focus.

However, it has not confirmed when a production version of the Focus Electric will be sold in the UK, if at all.

Ford is already developing a new Ford Transit Connect Electric for a 2012 launch in the UK, and is keen to extend the electric programme to its range of cars.