Peugeot offers Grip Control with 3008

Peugeot says the 4×4 crossover is ideal for the winter months in the UK because the Grip Control option offers traction control and special mud and snow tyres to cope with difficult and slippery surfaces.

Specially designed for off-road use, the tyres come with special blades to improve grip and a tread pattern designed to make good contact with the terrain at all times.

The car is also fitted with Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), which works alongside Grip Control to create the best possible traction from the front wheels.

The system also comes with five different modes, including standard, snow, all-terrain and sand mode. The final option is to turn the ESP off completely if needed.

The snow mode adapts the traction system to allow the front wheels to grip when the car is pulling away and accelerating, but returns to standard when the car is travelling over 31mph.

Similarly, the sand mode allows better grip in sandy conditions by allowing both wheels to slip slightly to ensure the car does not get stuck in the sand. In this mode, standard mode kicks in again at speeds over 75mph.

Grip Control does not add any weight to the car, and as such CO2 emissions and fuel economy remain the same as any standard model.

Peugeot’s Grip Control is available as standard on the Peugeot 3008 SR Crossover and as a £470 option on the Peugeot 3008 Sport and Exclusive HDi 112 & HDi 150 Crossover models.