Land Rover teams up with British Red Cross.

Land Rover, which donated the 30 vehicles in 2008, has helped to equip the SUVs with defibrillators to help the 30,000 people per year who suffer from a cardiac arrest.

The 4×4 Land Rovers will be of particular help in the snow and winter as emergency services hope to avoid being snowed in and unable to reach an emergency.

Sir Nicholas Young, British Red Cross chief executive.”Equipping our Land Rover response vehicles with life-saving defibrillators means that we are even better prepared for the situations we respond to, including emergencies – particularly in hard-to-reach places – and supplying first aid cover at events throughout the UK.”

Land Rover’s ground-breaking All Terrain system improves grip and traction in wet or icy conditions and allows Land Rovers to cope with off-road terrain if needed.

Models such as the rugged Land Rover Defender are regularly put to use by the emergency services in the UK because of their space and ability to cope with varying weather conditions. The cars are a favourite with mountain rescue and coastguard teams across the country.

Colin Green, Managing Director of Land Rover UK. said: "Installing defibrillators in these emergency response vehicles will significantly enhance the British Red Cross’ ability to treat people in need of immediate critical care.

Our relationship, which originally dates back to 1954, has been borne out of a need to reach vulnerable people in remote areas. The capabilities of our vehicles are being used to do just that – whatever the terrain or conditions."

Land Rover has signed a three-year deal with the British Red Cross to supply vehicles in over 15 countries. The initiative, called ‘Reaching Vulnerable People Around the World’, has already seen Land Rover support humanitarian programmes in Sierra Leone and China.