Fiat 500 Pink ad wins top award

The viral video, which featured a male model painstakingly painting the white city car pink using nail varnish-size brushes, was viewed over 105,000 times.

In one of the longest-running streaming ‘viral’ adverts, the man stopped only to eat, sleep and send Twitter messages while painting the car.

Designed to launch the limited edition Fiat 500 Pink, the campaign was voted Best Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Campaign at the annual awards for the ‘PinkmyRide’ campaign.

The car, designed as a fashion item for predominantly female drivers, also spawned a Fiat 500C Pink drop-top version and Perrys dealers reported a huge amount of interest in the head turning models in 2010.

"The Fiat 500 is already a cheeky, happy, cutting edge car," says Elena Bernardelli, marketing director, Fiat Group Automobiles UK and Ireland. "But this limited edition bright pink version challenges the sensibilities of even our most impulsive, individual and carefree women customers.

"The campaign brilliantly raised the profile of the Fiat 500 Pink and really engaged our audience."

The campaign led to over 500 entries into a competition to help paint the car, while several more registered interest in the unique city car.

The Fiat 500 Pink is priced from £11,700 and was the first of a number of special edition Fiat 500 cars launched throughout 2010.

These included a 500byDIESEL designed in conjunction with the fashion label of the same name, and a special one-off Fiat 500 thousandth show car, featuring a mosaic of images submitted by Fiat fans and owners.

More special editions of the popular city car are expected next year to coincide with the launch of the ultra-efficient TwinAir petrol model, which brings emissions below 100g/km for the first time on a petrol Fiat.