Seat launches children’s driving school

The Seat Young Driver training programme takes drivers as young as 11 out on private land in a dual-controlled Seat car to give them a taste of driving before it is legal to do so on roads.

A similar scheme trialled in Sweden has cut accident rates by 40 per cent among those taking part, says Kim Stanton, who works in the Seat Young Driver scheme.

"The accident statistics involving young drivers in this country are very worrying, and it’s clear that there is a genuine need for youngsters to learn basic driving skills before they go out on the public road.

"We help youngsters experience car control and learn hazard recognition, and make it good fun for them at the same time," she said.

Young UK drivers are being offered the chance to take part in the scheme, which operates in the school holidays at a number of sites across the UK.

The scheme features Government-approved driving instructors, and Seat believes it could go some way to cutting the high amount of accident rates in younger drivers.

The high rate of accidents has sent car insurance for 17-24 year olds up by over £600 in the past 12 months, according to

A pre-learner driving scheme could even reduce insurance rates for newly qualified drivers and make motoring more affordable for them.

Steve Robertson, Head of Marketing at SEAT UK, said: "The SEAT Young Driver programme has already proved its worth with more than 10,000 sessions run successfully so far. I’m sure the idea of a gift voucher will prove really popular this Christmas."