Vauxhall reveals most popular car accessories

The manufacturer has sold ‘thousands’ of the snow socks, which slip on over the wheels to provide extra grip in icy weather.

At just £50, the snow socks are a more affordable solution to winter tyres and so far, Vauxhall is the only manufacturer to offer the option of snow socks on all of its vehicles.

The socks are designed to be used at speeds of up to 30mph, but Vauxhall recommends travelling at speeds below that level to ensure wear and tear is kept at a minimum.

Previously, the most popular accessory, according to a Vauxhall survey, was satellite navigation, with 58 per cent of motorists voting it as the most useful car accessory ever.

Despite topping the survey, Vauxhall expects satellite navigation to be replaced by snow socks this winter as the most popular accessory for drivers.

Another popular accessory to feature in the survey was parking sensor kits, which start from £189 and made up 28 per cent of responses.

However, it seems like the era of the fluffy dice is well and truly over after the garish accessory finished bottom of the most useful accessory list.

With winter weather smothering most of the UK, drivers believed enhanced comfort would be brought about by self-driving systems and self-cleaning technology.

The two types of automated systems topped the polls when motorists were asked what accessories they would most like to see in future.

Finally, several respondents believed future accessories should include devices to allow electric, water and solar energy to power the vehicle.

Vauxhall’s extensive range of accessories, including snow socks, are available from Perrys Vauxhall dealerships.