Peugeot offers owners emergency accident service

The French manufacturer is urging all Peugeot owners involved in an accident to call the Peugeot Accident Assistance number and arrange for a driver to take them to their destination or home.

The service, says Peugeot, will reduce the need for recovery services, repairers and insurers because the manufacturer itself will arrange for any repairs and work with insurance companies.

Peugeot also confirmed the service would be available for all drivers regardless of whose fault the accident was.

David Higgins, Director – Parts & Service, Peugeot Motor Company, said: “When you drive a Peugeot, we want you to enjoy every aspect of the journey, but of course accidents do happen and the winter is a particularly difficult time to drive, with icy roads and fading light.

"That’s why we want to make sure all our customers know they can have a free helping hand at a distressing time.”

Once the car is repaired, Peugeot will send a full report to the dealer to help with the servicing and maintenance schedule.

The Peugeot Accident Assistance scheme comes as winter weather hits most of the UK, increasing the risk of a road accident.

In icy weather, stopping distances are ten times longer than in normal conditions, and the darker mornings and snow can reduce visibility.

Peugeot owners can call 0800 9232999 in the event of an accident, and Peugeot dealers are handling out window stickers and key fobs as a reminder of the number.

The scheme applies to all Peugeot models, from the small 107 city car to the larger 5008 4×4 MPV crossover.