Renault: Electric cars are a breakthrough in technology

Speaking at the Web 10 event, a conference for 2,500 web entrepreneurs, Ghosn outlined Renault’s electric future, starting with the launch of four electric vehicles over the next two years.

He said: "Electric vehicles will be to the car what the iPhone is to the telephone. Our aim is to rediscover modernity in the automotive industry and build the path to a greener, cleaner and quieter future in our cities."

Renault will introduce the Renault Kangoo Z.E. electric van in 2011, followed by the Fluence Z.E. saloon, Zoe Z.E. supermini and finally, the Twizy urban electric mobility concept.

The Web 10 event hosted huge names such as Microsoft, Orange, Facebook, Google and Twitter, but the most eye-catching display was from the car manufacturer.

A Renault Twizy city car, complete with a unique colour scheme, was displayed at the show, showing Renault’s vision of the future for city driving.

Ghosn spoke of the need for an electric infrastructure for the cars, and launched a Plugquest application allowing people to take photographs of places they would like to see an electric charging station.

He also expressed an interest in electric vehicle applications such as Renault iAd on iPhone and 3D films to give people information about electric vehicles.

He added: "Cars today should no longer be a problem, they should be the solution. We need a breakthrough. EV is a technological and organisational breakthrough in the making."

Renault has firmly backed electric technology, and has confirmed it will not be releasing a hybrid or extended-range electric hybrid in the near future.