Best cars for residual values revealed

While many cars lose a huge portion of their value when they’re driven off the forecourt, Glass’s has found the three Land Rover models make it into the top ten best cars for residual values.

The Land Rover Freelander 2, the car maker’s best-selling model, has annual appreciation of £2,965 – or 36.2 per cent of its original value after three years (and an average mileage of 37,000 miles).

This is the fourth best residual value for a car on the market today, behind the Honda CR-V, Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Tiguan.

However, the Land Rover is also joined by the Discovery 3 in sixth place with a residual value of 63.7 per cent after three years, while the Land Rover Range Rover is ninth with a value of 62.5 per cent in the same period.

"It’s worth noting that seven of the top 10 places are occupied by 4x4s or SUVs. Despite external factors such as fuel price rises that may have worked against these vehicles, they have performed remarkably in the used market," said Adrian Rushmore, Glass’s Managing Editor.

It could also go some way to explain Land Rover’s strong sales in 2010, where the company even recorded its best ever sales month in 62 years during April.

He added: "Whilst the nation is in the grip of austerity measures and cost-cutting, it seems that used car buyers are opting to pay the highest prices – relative to original list price – for cars that reflect their chosen lifestyle and image, rather than those that that reflect a desire for lower running costs or outright practicality."