Renault simplifies equipment levels in all cars

While not every car will be available with all three, equipment will remain the same for entry-level Expression, Dynamique TomTom and GT Line TomTom specifications across the Renault range of cars.

The French manufacturer is calling the campaign ‘Simplification’ and will cut the number of different versions of cars it sells from 227 to 159.

For example, the Clio supermini, Renault’s best-selling car in the UK, is currently available in six different trim levels with a different level of equipment in each.

Under the new rules, the Clio Sport Tourer, three- and five-door body styles will all be available with just the three trim levels.

All new Renault cars will be offered in at least one of the three new equipment levels from 4 January 2011, making it easier for customers to know what options are available to them.

Despite remaining the same price as previous specifications of the same name, Renault will also bolster the three new trim levels with some extra equipment in the new year.

Expression level, the basic specification, is available on all Renault models with the exception of the Wind Roadster, Renault Megane CC and the Laguna Coupe.

The middle-range Dynamique TomTom adds satellite navigation, air conditioning, cruise control and alloy wheels to the Expression trim level.

At the top of the range, the GT Line TomTom specification includes more equipment as standard and some exterior and interior styling options.

Renault has also confirmed the racing-inspired RenaultSport models will remain at the top of the ranges, adding sporty features such as racing seats, more power from the engine and special RenaultSport badging.

Limited edition models such as the Gordini versions will also be offered at times by Renault depending on demand for each model.