Land Rover unveils new Range Rover advert

Land Rover has released a new short video showing off the 2011 Range Rover.

The video, set to some laid-back music, features a young couple driving the luxury SUV across a winding road through some impressive scenery.

The message behind it is ‘taking premium to the next level’ and the advert achieves this in the simplest way possible, the camera focuses on the little touches which make the Range Rover the most impressive luxury vehicles on the market today.

High quality leather trim and stitching, a gadget-packed console with mileage counter and even screens in the rear headrest are shown throughout the clip.

It also gives the sense of the commanding driving condition and smooth and responsive drive the Range Rover offers.

At around £100,000 for a top specification model with all the trimmings, the Range Rover is an extremely luxurious and premium purchase, and the advert conveys this easily.

What we want to see more of though, is a Defender rearing its workhorse-like frame on the horizon, tackling those rough hills and valleys in the background of the advert.

Perhaps then we would see a contrast in the two models, and show the range Land Rover now covers with its British-built selection of premium on- and off-roaders.