Average CO2 emissions from cars falls in Europe

Automotive data from JATO Dynamics found CO2 emissions across all models and segments fell by 7.9g/km last year, with Italian manufacturer Fiat leading the way.

While almost half of all cars in Europe produce less than 140g/km of CO2, Fiat has an average of just 127.8g/km across the range. Low-CO2 cars such as the Yaris and Prius have pushed Toyota into second place with emissions across the range of 130.1g/km.

So far, only Fiat and Mini have reached the future EU target of sub-130g/km emissions across the range.

This is largely due to MultiAir engines keeping emissions low in cars such as the award winning Fiat 500. However, Toyota is now only 0.1g/km away from falling below 130g/km.

Somewhat surprisingly, the most improved brands overall are Ferrari and Porsche. Ferrari has cut emissions by a volume-weighted 53.6g/km of CO2 in the last year. Porsche’s new diesel engine has helped the brand cut CO2 by 27.5g/km in the same time.

The data shows the best models for volume-rated CO2 emissions are the Fiat 500 and Toyota Yaris, both with emissions of just 119g/km. The lowest CO2 model in Europe is the Toyota Prius.

With a wide range of new electric, hybrid and low-CO2 cars on display at the Geneva Motor Show this week, CO2 emissions figures are expected to continue to drop over the next few years.