Ford offers winter tyre part-refund if winter is warm

Ford dealers such as Perrys are offering Pirelli winter tyres for the first time in the UK, and the manufacturer is even offering to refund half the cost if the winter stays warm.

While winter tyres are compulsory in many European countries, reports in the UK recently show there is a lack of awareness and supplies of winter tyres for UK customers.

However, the tyres, made from high-tech materials, do not harden as much in cold weather and give improved traction at temperatures below seven degrees Celsius.

Winter tyres can be used all year long, but in winter they can reduce stopping distance, which can be up to ten times longer on ice, and stop aquaplaning.

Paul Muers, marketing manager for Ford Customer Service Division, said: "The snowy and icy conditions we’re experiencing right now and the severity of last winter really bring the benefits of these tyres into sharp focus."

Ford and Pirelli forecasted there will be 30 days when average daily temperatures will be less than seven degrees Celsius between 1 January and 28 February 2011.

If this figure isn’t reached, anybody buying tyres before 31 December will be offered a 50 per cent refund on their winter tyres.

This means a saving of around £275 for the tyres, which start from £555 from participating Ford dealers.

The tyres will be available for all Ford models, including the 4×4 Kuga SUV, whose all-wheel drive system will also help to improve traction on loose or slippery road surfaces.

To find out more about Ford winter tyres, contact your nearest Perrys Ford dealer.