Land Rover ties up rugby World Cup sponsorship deal

Land Rover is well known for its rugged, workhorse-like models, so it comes as no surprise it was at the front of the queue when the rights to sponsoring the Rugby World Cup 2011 in New Zealand and the 2015 tournament in England were up for grabs.

The SUV manufacturer will supply cars to organisers, teams and officials, marking the first time a car manufacturer has been involved with the Rugby World Cup.

The match is ideal: Land Rover offers the luxury, equipment and prestige to please VIP guests and rugby stars alike, while the tough, all-terrain reputation of models such as the Freelander 2 and Discovery are a perfect match for the rough-and-ready sport.

But Land Rover isn’t the first manufacturer to get involved with sporting sponsorship. Chances are if you’re a fan of sport, you’ll have seen these names scattered about:


Is there a more perfect match of car maker and sporting team than the English Cricket Team and Jaguar?

Jaguar cars, built in the UK, are refined, stylish and luxurious, the perfect accompaniment to cricket, the sport which embodies quintessential British values such as sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct.

Jaguar provide cars for the English cricket team, and hopefully the match up can inspire them to bring home the Ashes this year.

The tie-up even allowed us to see English cricket stars Andrew Strauss, Alistair Cook and Eoin Morgan putting a Jaguar XF saloon through its paces to celebrate the deal.

Kia, Hyundai

While Kia also sponsored the 2012 football World Cup in South Africa, Hyundai must be applauded for the bizarre but amusing competition to deck out all of the team’s buses with slogans.

The winning entries, chosen by the public in each country, were an amusing insight into each country’s attitude to the sport.

For example, England’s more subdued ‘Playing with Pride and Glory’ was in stark contrast to the USA’s typically hyperbolic ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Victory’ slogan.

Not to mention Japan’s frankly superb ‘The Samurai spirit never dies! Victory for Japan!’

Our favourite, however, was Switzerland, with the thrilling ‘C’mon Switzerland’ slogan.


Ford has also jumped on the sport bandwagon, sponsoring Sky Sports News’ hourly regurgitation of the day’s sports news.

In particular, the adverts feature the Ford S-Max taking football supporters to various games across the country, complete with irritating music.

However, the latest S-Max adverts have seen a move away from football, instead highlighting its ability to carry a host of equipment for a range of extreme sports, from skiing to surfing.