Inside the Range Rover Evoque

Revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week, the new three- and five-door Evoque will be fitted with the system when it is launched in the UK in summer 2011.

The Evoque, which is available in two-wheel drive, is the smallest Range Rover ever made, but will feature the same luxury interior as its older sibling.

The sound system was built specifically for the Evoque, with a choice of a 380W 13-speaker system or a larger, 825W 19-speaker system.

All of the speakers have been designed with the Evoque in mind and state-of-the-art amplifiers and surround sound technology improves the performance.

The system even boasts technology to tune the system to correct any imperfections created by the Evoque when it is being driven.

The sound system is complemented by digital and satellite TV complete with DVD playback and a hard drive for the CD player.

The system extends to the rear of the car, where eight-inch video screens are fitted into the front headrests, complete with touch-screen remote control and digital infra-red wireless headphones.

Bob Stuart, Meridian Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer, said: ‘We believe that the hi-fi systems used in the next generation of Range Rovers will set new standards in automotive in-car entertainment. The Evoque’s audio system will thus not only be class leading, it will offer one of the finest musical experiences available anywhere.

‘It is very satisfying to see two great British brands work together to produce something which we believe is truly world leading,’ says Stuart.

The system will first be available in the Evoque, but Land Rover plans to extend it to other models, including the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, as part of the partnership with Meridian Audio.