Ford opens eBay merchandise store

The store will open on Ebay Motors and will allow enthusiasts to buy Ford accessories, and each region in the world will have Ford accessories based on the most popular models in that market.

"eBay Motors involvement gives us the power to reach customers around the world," said Regina Watson, Ford licensing manager. "We’re taking a global approach to our online store, and truly integrating various parts of the world. So no matter where you live, as long as you can access the eBay site, you can see what products are available for sale."

The online store will feature items such as restoration parts, clothes, pool tables and vintage shop manuals, Ford says, and will become a ‘hub’ for Ford enthusiasts across the world.

"Ford is a 100-year-old iconic brand that resonates with our most die-hard automotive enthusiast," said Famous Rhodes, director, parts and accessories, eBay Motors. "This opportunity opens up everything Ford, from pool tables to clothing for our enthusiasts to express their love for the Ford brand."

Ford will advertise the eBay store on its official website – the first car manufacturer to do so.