The Evoque – a Land Rover for women?

There is only one topic of conversation in the automotive industry today, and that is the new Range Rover Evoque.

There’s plenty to talk about too – the unusual name, the near-perfect replication of the LRX concept, its green credentials and the surprising appearance of Victoria Beckham at the launch.

Let’s begin with the latter – because Victoria Beckham was much more than a celebrity endorsement in the style of Justin Timberlake and the Audi A1.

The marketing of the new Range Rover Evoque has been completed with military precision. There were no leaks of the name beforehand, no spyshots, and a carefully choreographed entrance beamed live on an internet stream on both the Land Rover website and Facebook.

So where does Mrs Beckham fit into this? The answer lies in the target market. The dilution of the off-road ability to make way for a two-wheel drive version which is lighter, smaller and more efficient than any Land Rover before it was an inevitable move for the brand.

And it is no surprise they are aiming the Range Rover Evoque squarely at new, predominantly female customers.

Of course, there are no defined ‘mens’ and ‘womens’ cars, just good and bad ones. However, there is no getting away from the fact Land Rover is collaborating with Mrs Beckham , a ‘fashion and style icon’ according to Managing Director Phil Popham, in order to entice female buyers to the brand.

Add to that the fact the launch was sponsored by top fashion magazine Vogue, it is easy to gauge where Land Rover sees the target audience.

Popham said himself the Evoque was intended to expand the customer base beyond the traditional businessman and footballer image, and with its coupe-like profile, the ‘baby’ Range Rover seems the perfect place to start.

Land Rover is showing its feminine side, and both the three and future five-door models could be a favourite for women in the 160 countries it will be sold in.