Mazda models a hit with small business

The ‘small fleet’ scheme, which aims to bring together dealers such as Perrys and an outsourced sales team to boost fleet sales to companies in the UK, has been responsible for 200 company car orders to date.

This figure is expected to rise to 820 orders from companies which run less than 50 cars by the end of April 2011.

Phase one of the initiative was mainly focused on encouraging large franchise dealer groups, which already had a business-to-business structure and covered multiple locations in major conurbations, to participate.

"The feedback from the first wave of dealers has been very positive," confirms Allibon. "They are delighted that a frontline vehicle manufacturer is working hand-in-hand with them to develop fleet business. As a result, more dealers are now approaching us to join the programme.

"Not only are dealers benefiting from the initial supply of new Mazda cars to fleets, but they will also see workshop business increase as a result of service, maintenance and repair work."

The scheme allows dealers to keep in touch with businesses to allow all the needs of the fleet operator can be met in future.

Allibon added: "The Programme has added appeal when customers are reminded that the entire Mazda range is stylish and features well-equipped cars at highly competitive prices."

Business-focused cars in the Mazda range include the compact Mazda3 hatchback, the all-new Mazda5 MPV and the Mazda CX-7 estate.

However, the most popular model is the Mazda6 saloon, whose improved driving characteristics, premium interior and high equipment levels means it is a lower cost option than some executive saloons.