Celebrities paid to advertise Evoque on Twitter

Land Rover has named the celebrities ‘City Shapers’ and has asked them to share guides to their local cities including New York, London, Paris, Madrid, Milan, Berlin, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and Moscow.

The move follows the Range Rover Evoque, Land Rover’s smallest and lightest ever vehicle, being tested in several major cities covered in a luminous ‘street map’ wrap of each city.

The latest marketing ploy, which includes celebrities such as TV presenter Ben Shepherd is a new use of Twitter after similar celebrity tie-ins from other companies in the US.

In the US, sponsored Tweets are required to start with ‘ad’ or ‘spon’ to indicate the celebrity is being paid to send the maximum 140-character message.

However, in the UK this is not required and advertising agency Ad.Ly is keen to launch a celebrity tweeting service in the UK in future.

Phil Popham, MD of Land Rover, said, "The Range Rover Evoque is the smallest, lightest and greenest car we’ve ever produced, making it ideal for city driving. Its design is inspired by city architecture and a big part of a city is the people in it, their journeys and their conversations."

It is a further indication Land Rover is keen to market the Evoque towards a new type of buyer.

Designed for use in the city instead of the traditional off-road environment normally associated with the luxury 4×4 maker, The Evoque has already joined forces with Victoria Beckham, who has been hired as a ‘design guru’ for the new car.

While many are unsure of her exact input into the design of the interior, her presence at the launch is expected to appeal to image-conscious women buyers, a market Land Rover has not tapped into particularly in the past.