Citroen helps Council to green award

Southwark Council in South London uses 150 Citroen duel fuel Berlingo and Dispatch vans as part of its LCV fleet.

The vans run on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and because of the non-toxic, free of lead fuel, they are exempt from London’s congestion charge.

This saves the council £170,000 per year by hiring the vans on five-year, with maintenance, contract hire agreements.

The Citroen Berlingo and Dispatch vans cover 50,000 miles a year each around London. Matthew Trott, who received a commendation in the Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award category, was understandably pleased with the vans.

"Our new Citroëns are already delivering huge annual Congestion Charge cost savings and are also delivering fuel cost efficiencies of some 25 per cent over our previous diesel powered LCV vans," he said.

"In addition, the council is benefiting from other savings thanks to its policy of downsizing from its previous larger vehicles to smaller, more efficient Dispatch and Berlingo vans."

Citroen is the only manufacturer to offer congestion-charge free vans in the shape of dual fuel LCVs. The ‘Ready to Run’ special vehicle programme responsible for the vans also include Nemo models converted from Nicholson McLaren Engines.

Nearly half of Southwark Council’s fleet are Citroen duel fuel vans, and the council has announced plans to continue to expand its fleet with more Citroen vans in future.